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Rules and Punishments

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Rules and Punishments

Post by Alaskan Butter on Sun Aug 16, 2015 9:21 pm

These are the Rules, and Must be Obeyed. Or Punishment will come for those who Break them.

Posting Rules
1. Do not use excessive profanity.
2. Do not Harass people with posts or messages on posts
3. Do not Necro-Post (Posting on a Topic after 3 weeks of the last message)
4. Do not Post useless things (these will be auto removed)

1st Offense: Warning and an Edit of the Post.
2nd Offense: 1 day ban and the Post will be Deleted
3rd Offense: 3 day ban and the Post will be Deleted
4th Offense: 1 week ban and the Post will be Deleted
5th Offense: Permanent ban

Chatbox Rules
1. Do not Use Excessive profanity
2. Do not Discriminate Cultures
3. Do not Intentionally argue
4. Do not Spam(caps do count as spam)
5. Do not Harass People
6. Do not Talk back to Staff Unless you're Argument is In Fact Valid
7. Do not Talk about Politics, Religion etc UNLESS You are Attempting to Make a Joke. But If it is Highly Offensive, actions will Occur.

1st Offense: Warning by Staff
2nd Offense: Kick from Chat Box
3rd Offense Banned from Chat box for an hour
4th Offense: Ban on Profile for 3 days
5th Offense: Permanent Ban

General Rules
1. Respect ALL members
2. Follow Staff Rules
3. Do not Harass People
4. Do not Avoid Punishments (this will result in 2 days added onto ban and other account permanent ban, if it happens again it will be permanent)
5. Do not Impersonate People

1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: 1 Day Ban
3rd Offense: 3rd Day Ban
4th Offense: 7 Day Ban
5th: Permanent Ban

Admins can in fact Upgrade Punishments if Needed
Alaskan Butter
Alaskan Butter
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Council Member

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